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Libra Male Personality Traits

Born Sep 23~Oct 23Ruling PlanetVenus
SymbolThe BalanceElementAir
Basic TraitI BalanceClosest MetalCopper
Lucky DayFriday QualityCardinal
Lucky PlacesSocial occasionsLucky Numbers6, 9
Lucky ColorPastel shades of Pink and Blue
Lucky FlowersDaisies and Daffodils
Lucky GemsLapis Lazuli, Cornelian and Sapphire
Ruling GoldGreek-Aphrodite; Roman-Venus
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Overall personality traits

A Libra man enjoys a balanced life.

He has a very charming smile which can bring a Libra man many friends. A Libra man can be indecisive at times.

A Libra man is open minded and understands the importance of not interfering with others' affairs. He prefers to make decisions or judgements based on facts, rather than feelings or intuition.

He is trustworthy and he rarely let his friends down. A Libra male is also a good listener. He has great empathy for those who are in trouble.

A Libra man is never good at guessing. He is honest and fair. His house is often full of guests because he enjoys socializing with different people. However he can get nervous in a crowd.


A Libra man is very charming when he smiles. He has a pleasing manner and often wins him loads of attention from the opposite sex. It is advisable for a girl to take the first move if she wants to attract a Libra man's attention.

A Libra man can hurt people's feelings unintentionally because he never wants to be the bad guy. Like even if a relationship is not working, he will try to postpone breaking-up.

Once fallen in love, a Libra man will become very forgiving and caring. He often makes decisions based on facts and he prefers his partner to be the same.

Being his partner, you can fully trust a Libra man because he will never cheat on you. He will be always there to listen to you and to try to seek for solutions with you. On the other hand he will demand you to admit your mistakes if you makes one.

A Libra man enjoys a peaceful family life. He enjoys a good meal and takes pleasure in playing with children. Being his partner, you need to make sure the home is always clean and tidy. If a Libra man is found to often stay out till late, it is time to have a conversation before it is too late.

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