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Libra Female Personality Traits

Born Sep 23~Oct 23Ruling PlanetVenus
SymbolThe BalanceElementAir
Basic TraitI BalanceClosest MetalCopper
Lucky DayFriday QualityCardinal
Lucky PlacesSocial occasionsLucky Numbers6, 9
Lucky ColorPastel shades of Pink and Blue
Lucky FlowersDaisies and Daffodils
Lucky GemsLapis Lazuli, Cornelian and Sapphire
Ruling GoldGreek-Aphrodite; Roman-Venus
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Overall Personality Traits

A Libra woman is charming, elegant and very individualistic.

She can be argumentative but she can never be annoying. She has such a charming personality that people find it hard to be cross with her.

A Libra female is logical, fair and very tactful. She will defend for her point of view but she will never be stubborn.

A Libra woman enjoys luxurious décor and often finds it hard to adjust herself to a commonplace environment. A Libra female enjoys independence.

Libra does not like to be alone. She is sensible in social situations. She enjoys conversing but on the other hand she can be a patient listener too. A Libra woman is very helpful towards friends. You could always count on a Libra woman when you are in need of help.


A Libra woman respects her partner's viewpoint and position in a relationship. She enjoys independency and she perceives both work and family life are important to a woman.

A Libra female never dominates. She never fails to give her partner her support and respect when occasions arise. She rarely argues with her partner.

A Libra woman is loyal and rarely gets jealous because she has total trust in the relationship. As a man's partner, she is always supportive and devoted. She will be always there to motivate you when you feel down.

She is a respectable and responsible mother. She will never let the children disrespect you. Of course she will indulge the children if she feels you are too strict with them, but she always treats you with respect and affection.

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