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Libra Action and Advices

Attitude to relationships

Libra finds it difficult to express feelings, and is an emotional thinker when it comes to relationships.

Approach to relationships

Libra stays calm and patient in a relationship.

Approach to separation (For men)

Pretend not to notice that she has changed her hair style.

Approach to separation (For women)

Ask him to make every decision on your date with him.

Signs of a change of heart

Male: He becomes less considerate towards you.
Female: She has lots of appointments and can't find any time with you.

Personality and consequences

Libra sometimes feels conflicted, and seeks hard to understand themselves.

Individual quirks

Libra seeks a comfortable and easy life. If you do not also seek the same, avoid choosing a Libra as your companion.

How to ask out guys?

Libra is sometimes vain; try to let him know that you like him indirectly.

When breaking-up ...

Libra appears to take a breakup easily in the presence of others, but in reality Libra is heart-broken.

What to say about love?

Libra is a perfectionist of life styles, especially in their love life.

The Ideal Lover

Libra has taste and is individualistic. Libra's ideal lover is someone who is inquisitive, creative, selective and also individualistic.

Your charming characteristics

Libra has a balanced attitude towards life.

Fall in love at first sight

Libra falls in love easily.

How to communicate in a relationship?

Libra is sociable and believes in fairness. However Libra sometimes likes to interfere with the affairs of others.

Money management

Libra has a balanced attitude towards life. You can use investment agencies to your benefit.

Who are you afraid of?

Libra doesn't like boring Taurus or critical Virgo. You should try to learn from Leo and stick to your own viewpoint.


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