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Libra and Tiger Personality




Libra.Tiger is agreeable, self-assertive and very attractive.

You like to get involved in charity. But on the other hand you detest social norms and dated traditions.

Libra-Tiger has a balanced attitude towards life. You always pursue truth and ideals.

Libra-Tiger is courageous and never gives up hope. You want to gain both fame and fortune.

You are passionate and very capable of dealing with complex affairs.


Libra. Tiger is sentimental and sweet in a relationship.

Try to be kind to vulnerable Libra-Tiger.


Libra-Tiger likes Gemini-Horse, Gemini-Dog, Leo-Horse, Leo-Dog, Sagittarius-Horse, Sagittarius-Dog, Aquarius-Horse and Aquarius-Dog.

You are also attracted to Sagittarius-Dragon and Aquarius-Dragon.

Try to keep a distance from Aries-Rabbit, Cancer-Rabbit and Capricorn-Rabbit.

You also find it hard to get along with Capricorn-Ox and Cancer-Ox.


Libra-Tiger is more suitable for intellectual roles. Libra-Tiger's suitable professions are government leaders, fashion designer, interior designer, lecturer, adventurist, philosopher and dramatist.

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