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Libra 2019 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

Overall Libra expects to have a stable year in 2019. You may find the pressure increases as the time goes on. Try to stay focused and care less about what others think. In business the efforts you put in will determine how much progress you can make. Stay cautious in October and November. With a positive outlook, 2019 expects to be a good year for Libra.


It is important to trust in a relationship. For single Libra March, September, and December are good months. You expect to have more social network opportunities during the three months. For Libra in a relationship, it is maybe a good year to get married. Overall it is a year that Scorpio learns to love and nurture a relationship.

Money management

Libra may find it hard to keep the financial situation in balance in 2019. For newly married Scorpio, you may find wedding and the newly born baby cause you lots of money. On the other hand Libra can always stay positive and be motivated to improve the financial situation. July is a good month for Libra.

Academic Guidance

Libra expects to make steady progress academically in 2019. April and May are good months for Libra to make plans for the future. Once a plan is in place, Libra finds it easier to stay focused. Overall Libra expects to perform well in school. Try not to let your surroundings affect your study. During the second half of the year, thanks to the influence from Mercury and Sun, Libra expects to make great progress in school.


Libra expects to perform well in business in 2019. February, September, and December are good months for Libra. You will look for innovation opportunities at work or in business. For Libra looking for new jobs, you expect to find something you like in March. For Libra working for others, it is important for you to maintain a good relationship with others. November expects to a busy month for Libra in business.


Owing to the impact from Saturn, 2019 expects to be a busy year for Libra. Hence Libra may find it hard to set aside time for physical exercises. To stay healthy, it is important for Libra to build an exercise routine. Try to listen to music and set aside some break time when you are at work.


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