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Libra 2018 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

Libra is likely to experience ups and downs in 2018. It is important to cope with the changes calmly and rationally. In comparison to 2017, you may find that there are more things that you need to focus in 2018. It is important for you to stay confident and believe in your ability of overcoming challenges. Overall Libra expects to make great progress after August.


Between March and April it is important for Libra to stay caring and trustworthy in a relationship. Try to avoid intruding your partner’s private space. For married Libra, it is important to take the time to communicate more with your partner. For single Libra, you expect to meet someone that you like in August and December. Overall Libra’s relationship expects to become better during the second half of 2018

Money management

Libra is likely to come up with great plans in February and March. It is important to take actions. Try to take the time to socialize more with others. Libra expects to receive help from important people in 2018. Try to avoid providing financial guarantee in November and December. Overall it is important for Libra to budget.

Academic Guidance

Owing to the impact from the environment Libra’s performance in school may get affected. You may be required to change class or school owing to external environment factors. Try to stay adaptable and flexible.


Owing to the impact from Saturn, Libra may experience ups and downs at work. It is better for Libra to keep the current job other than trying to make changes between April and August. After August for Libra who wants to start a business, it is important for you to stay close to your plan. For Libra running a business, it is time to focus on improving your product quality and your brand recognition.


Owing to the impact from Mars, Libra may feel restless from time to time in 2018. It is important for Libra to stay rational and avoid disputes with others. Pay attention to your exercise and diet routine. July and August are two good months for you to take the time to relax. For Libra who has to attend work related gatherings, try to pay attention to your calorie intake.


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