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Libra 2014 Yearly Outlook

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Overall Fortune

2014 expects to be a lucky year for Libra. It is important to stay calm and patient.


Due to the inferences from Mars and Uranus, Libra's relationship expects to be less stable. It is important to communicate when you have problems with your partner. For Libra in a relationship, it is important to stay honest and open, especially in August and September. For single Libra, try to keep a good balance when you pursue another person.

Money Management

It is advisable for Libra to spend more time on money management in 2014. Your hard work expects to pay off. Be careful when you make an expensive purchase. Stay cautious when you invest. May is a good month to invest. Overall March and May are Libra's lucky months.

Academic Guidance

Libra may encounter difficulties in school. It is important to stay focused. You may choose to work hard under the pressure from people around you. It is important to stay optimistic and proactive. Libra's school performance expects to improve during the second half of 2014.


Thanks to the protection from Jupiter, Libra expects to stay energetic and confident through the course of 2014. You may feel stressed, impulsive and impatient at times due to the impacts from Saturn. It is important to stay confident and optimistic. 2014 expects to be a good year for Libra. You expect to achieve a lot at work, especially during the first half of the year. Your hard work will pay off. For Libra who looks for work, you will find many opportunities during the first half of the year.


You expect to pay more attention to your health in 2014. Libra may often feel tired when many activities take place at the same time. Learn to relax and find ways to relieve your stress. Try to put aside some time for relaxation and holiday. Be careful of your safety when travelling on the road.


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